Spirit of Life Charitable Foundation
Supporting Independent Education for College Age Students

What We Do

Foundation Philosophy Concerning Educational Programs

Both international and domestic programs are eligible for support. The Foundation believes that the greatest learning, development of self-awareness, and development of global understanding occurs when students between the ages of 18 and 24 years are given the opportunity to live and study in locations which have different creature comforts and cultural values than those they have grown up with. It is expected that the student will spend not less than three weeks nor more than an academic semester immersed in courses and/or programs of study that will complement their own course of study.

International Programs may be through ongoing relationships between the student’s home college and a college or university in a different country, or they may be arranged independently by the student and his / her college.

Domestic Programs must be at a separate physical location from the student’s home college and provide a true immersion experience. Such programs would generally fall into one of the following three categories.: 1. Ongoing course or program at a different college / university. Two hypothetical examples would be a computer science student taking an advanced website design program at a different university, or an agricultural sciences student from the Midwest taking a summer course / program in the far west on dry land farming. 2. Internship program. An example would be a nursing student enrolled in a school of nursing in a metropolitan area doing an internship in a rural health clinic. 3. Independent research project. An example would be an engineering student who joins an engineering research team that is studying the effects of road salt on highway deterioration.

Since the goal of the Foundation is to support programs where the student is immersed in an environment different from their home college or university the Foundation does not provide support for online programs of study.

Educational Areas of Emphasis

The Foundation places emphasis on supporting institutions based in the United States whose students undertake programs at international or domestic colleges or universities where students will be able to take courses and/or programs of study that will complement their course of study.