Spirit of Life Charitable Foundation
Supporting Independent Education for College Age Students


Mission Statement

The Spirit of Life Charitable Foundation seeks to promote greater understanding among all peoples by providing support for college age students to take part in educational activities in countries, or regions thereof, that are new to them, where the common elements of life are understood differently, so that these students may gain larger and more tolerant perspectives of the world.

History and Overall Concept

The Foundation was created by Dr. Tom Lloyd (https://pennstate.pure.elsevier.com/en/persons/thomas-lloyd) whose third year in college was spent at the University College of North Wales. Lloyd's experiences during this time were pivotal in establishing his career path. After completing his undergraduate degree at Antioch College he earned a PhD in biochemical pharmacology at Harvard, followed by five years at the National Institutes of Health. He was recruited by the Penn State College of Medicine in 1975 where he spent the next 45 years as a research scientist, teacher and as the architect of novel educational programs for medical students and physicians in training. In his effort to give back to the broader collegiate community Lloyd started in 2001 making scholarships available for college students to undertake international educational experiences.

This Foundation provides grants on an annual basis to selected United States institutions to fund scholarships for college age (18 – 24) students to undertake specific international or domestic education programs, for which scholarships are generally not available. In general, the Foundation shall award one grant per qualified institution each year which in turn is expected to use a competitive selection process and make one award per year to one of its students.

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